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Little Goose

We are taking you back to nature. The romantic scenery of the farmer's pond where geese live and enjoy freshwater and grass. That is where you find Little Goose! A social and loyal friend to so many creatures around the pond. Busy all day enjoying the water, the grass and looking for small twigs and leaves for a cosy nest. The loving care for its nest is the care we've put into our design to create this beautiful new collection of textiles.

The soft green colour is decorated with Little Goose and alternated in different positions. It's matches nicely with the Olive tones from our Pure collection. The full range of textile is available in Little Goose. From swaddle to cot blanket, from sheet to changing mat. Add a hint of Little Goose or go all the way and fully decorate the nursery with geese.

Little Goose has also been an inspiration for new toys and games. The soft cuddly toy is available in two sizes and is found in items such as the baby gym, a music box and cuddle cloth. There are stacking blocks and a puzzle. And of course there's one classic game that we could not miss: Game of Goose!

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