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Our story

A little over ten years ago, it all started for Little Dutch. What's the story behind the foundation of the company that now operates throughout Europe?

In 2008, when founder Rinke was pregnant with her eldest daughter, she went looking for nice lamps for the baby room. Unfortunately, she did not find what she was looking for. At the time, Rinke was an arts & crafts teacher and that is how she came up with the idea to make a design for a lampshade herself. She had so much fun doing this, she started creating lampshades with her sister Marije on a weekly basis from a small attic room. There was a lot of demand for their lamps and the sisters started selling them online.

In addition to lamps, the sisters made paintings and decorative letters. The demand for their products increased and their first exhibits on fairs followed. Their weekly craft day was replaced by working hours on end in preparation for these fairs, gathering fabrics and other materials, looking for suppliers and partners. Especially during these busy times, the sisters were assisted by family and friends, always lending a helping hand.

From the fabric that remained after producing lamps, they started making bed sheets through a small workplace. As demand increased, they started working with a sewing workshop and their first self-made designs were introduced, which included an airplane and a flower pattern. As the business grew, Rinke had an ultimate goal; to sell her products in stores all over Europe and with that a new name arose:  Little Dutch was born!

The small attic room was exchanged for a larger building. And the time had come to hire staff for purchasing materials, for managing the warehouse and, later on, for the sale of the products. Rinke’s partner Ad took on the financial aspects of Little Dutch and he still does so today. As a co-owner, he is responsible for the business side of Little Dutch. A design department was formed, which now consists of six people. For Marije this adventure had all started as a hobby, but she eventually followed her heart and pursued her career as a healthcare professional.

Rinke came up with the idea to expand the product range with soft toys. One toy manufacturer took a chance on Little Dutch and together they started to produce their first line of soft bunnies. Eventually, the first wooden toys followed as a part of the product range, which proved to be a great success. In the meantime, Little Dutch has grown to be an established name in both the Netherlands and other countries across Europe.

About the brand

Little Dutch offers modern nursery essentials, accessories and toys for babies and children. Our products are not only functional, but they are also safe and of a very high quality. It is our mission to contribute to the important early years of a child's life by producing items that offer both warmth and comfort for little ones and playful and educational toys to support children in the different stages of their development. Our contemporary designs appeal to a child’s imagination which, in turn, guarantees hours of playing fun.

Every year, we launch a new theme and textile collection. The themes, designs and colours of the various collections have been thoughtfully put together by our team. The designs are incorporated in all product categories. This means that all colours match different collections and products from other categories. Whether they are essentials, toys, clothing or decoration, Little Dutch items are trendy yet timeless, making sure you can easily combine and endlessly enjoy them.

Our team is filled with skilled and creative people who work passionately to create and expand the Little Dutch product range. You will find us at the most important European fairs to share our creations with you. You can also find us on social media, where we have built a strong and personal interaction with our true followers worldwide.

Become a fan as well, as a customer or consumer. Or why not both!

Enjoy the little things.

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