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Product Questions

How often can I expect new products online?

We launch the new textile collections once (sometimes twice) a year. The collections are launched in the first quarter of the year. 

Toys are launched more frequently throughout the year.

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My question is about a Little Dutch textile product

We would like to forward you to the page containing questions about our textile products.

My question is about Little Dutch toys

We would like to forward you to the page with frequently asked questions.

My question is about a decoration product

We would like to forward you to the page containing frequently asked questions regarding Little Dutch decoration items.

Materiaal Mepal broodtrommels en drinkbekers

Is Melamine a product Mepal uses for their lunchboxes and drinking mugs and cups?
No, the children's lunchboxes and drinking mugs and cups are not made from Melamine. They are made from ABS (Acrylonitril Butadieen Styreen) which is 100% BPA Free.

Are the product by Mepal BPA Free?
Yes, 100% free of BPA!

BPA stands for Bisphenol A. This is a plastic variant which might cause harm to human beings when heating it and using it to eat from. 

Mepal does not use this kind of platic in their production and makes sure every product and material is tested properly before they hit the European market. All products are certified by independent agencies and comply with the European guidelines and laws.

The Little Dutch Giftcard

The web shop of Little Dutch sells and accepts virtual and physical giftcards. Those giftcards are a valid payment method at this Little Dutch web shop but cannot be used at web shops or brick and mortar stores of Little Dutch partners and resellers.

How long will my Little Dutch giftcard be valid?
There is no end date on your giftcard.

Can I spend my giftcard credits in multiple purchases?
Yes, no problem!
The credits not spend will remain on your giftcard. 

How can I check the remaining amount on my giftcard?
Add a product to your shopping cart and go to the shopping cart page. Fill out your giftcard code at the field on the right side of the page. Click the ‘+’-sign to apply. You can now see which amount is deducted from your shopping cart, this is the amount left on your giftcard.

How to use my giftcard?
During the checkout proces you will be asked to use a promotion code. Use this field to enter your giftcard code and click on the ‘+’-sign to apply. Follow the remaining steps to check out.

Which values are available?
The e-giftcard can be purchased in the following amounts: €10, €20, €30, €40, €50, €75, and €100.
The physical giftcard can be purchased in the following amounts: €20, €50, en €100.

What is the difference between the virtual e-giftcard and the physical giftcard?
The virtual e-giftcard will not be physically send to you as a package but as an e-mail. With this e-mail you will receive a printable e-giftcard which you can fill out once printed and give tot he receiver. Or, you can choose to send this e-giftcard directly to the receiver by e-mail including a personal message.

The physical giftcard will be send to you or the receiver as a giftpackage. There is no option yet to include a personal message. 
Please do note that shipping costs might be applied if the total order value is below our minimum.

Would you like to come in contact with us?

If you could not find the answer to your question at the FAQ, please use the contact form below. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible!

For product complaints please use this link and fill out all requested information so our service team can help you the best possible way. 

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