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Product Questions Toys

What materials are used for your toys?

All our toys are certified following the European Safety Standards, compliance with this standard is legally required for all toys sold in Europe.

Do you use paint for your products?

Yes, we use non-toxic, child-friendly paint for our wooden toys. The paint is water-based, which makes it safe for children.

Can I order spare parts for a product?

We do not sell spare parts.
If you lost a crucial part of a toy, feel free to contact our warehouse via the contact form. They might have some spare parts available for you! 

Are the Little Dutch wooden toys safe for my child?

All materials that Little Dutch uses for its wooden toys comply with the latest European REACH Regulation concerning chemical substances. The products have been tested according to the latest European Directives EN 71 parts 1-3. Please be aware that wooden toy parts are not meant to be chewed on. Try to avoid small children putting toys into their mouths and biting on the products.

Do not leave the toys outdoors or in damp spaces. Do not immerse the product in water. Keep wooden toys away from heat sources and do not expose them to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Use a soft, moist cloth to clean toys and allow them to dry thoroughly. Do not use any detergents. Regularly check the toys for damage and wear and tear. Do not use the toys if they are damaged and keep them out of reach of children in this case.

Finally, please note the product’s age recommendation, which can be found on the package. Toys may contain small parts, which may form a risk of suffocation.


How do I take care of my wooden toys?

We are happy to advise you on how to take great care of your wooden toys.

  1. Do not immerse wooden toys in water. Clean the toy with a slightly dampened cloth. Do not use any detergents or solvents. 
  2. Do not leave wooden toys outdoors or in damp spaces. 
  3. Keep wooden toys away from heat sources and do not expose them to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time. 
  4. The used materials and paints are safe and tested according to the latest European directives. However, try to avoid as much as possible that children put this toy into their mouths. These toys are not meant to be chewed on.
  5. Regularly check the product for signs of wear and tear. Do not use the toy if it is damaged. 

If you stick to these recommendations, your toy will last for years and years!

Why is the cord of my pull-along animal so short?

We want children to be able to play with our toys in a safe manner. The cord has the length of 22 cm in order to guarantee your child's or children's safety. Our toys are in compliance with the applicable safety requirements. According to European regulations, the cord should not be longer than 22 cm.

What does the warranty cover?

We offer a six-month warranty on product malfunctions. This covers manufacturing and design flaws.

The warranty does not apply to any damage due to wear and tear or usage. Damage caused by accidentally dropping the item or misplacing parts of the product, for example, is not covered by our warranty.

If you want to qualify for warranty, please send a message via the contactform or by e-mail to stating your order number, order date, full name, description of the complaint and photos of the defect.

If you didn't buy your product through our webshop, please get in touch with the shop where you purchased the product. 

Would you like to come in contact with us?

If the answer to your question has not been covered in the frequently asked questions, you can contact us during office hours via the chat button at the bottom right of the website or send an email to or use the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.