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Flowers & Butterflies

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The sound of the chirping birds, the scent of the wild blooms. Colourful and vibrant, our Flowers & Butterflies collection channels a dreamy garden setting with all that is growing there, ranging from Blue Bells to Buttercups. The theme is captured through the use of warm seasonless hues, dainty grasses, and delicate florals. Abby the happy city sparrow, little pink bird Olivia, and Lily the elegant butterfly each take on a major role in this utterly dainty collection. We’ll see the world through their eyes as they fly and flutter from flower to flower.

The Flowers & Butterflies collection consists of all the essentials for your mini, ranging from rattle toys to playful rugs. There’s a puzzle and a playpen mat as well as an array of to textiles choose from. The main characters of the theme also appear on clothes and care products. In addition, we have designed a blooming all-over print that brings brightness to any nursery or kids’ room. Our dainty pieces can be used on their own to accent an all-neutral decor, but they can also be mixed and matched together for a room full of flowers and butterflies.

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