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Make up a cot

How to make up a cot

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

How do I make up a bassinet and a cot with a blanket and a sheet?

Step 1

Make sure the mattress is firm, thick enough, and flat. Moreover, it should properly fit the bassinet or the cot. This way, your child can never get under the mattress.

Step 2
Use a flannel fitted sheet to protect the mattress.
NEVER use a rubber sheet or an impermeable mattress cover. Non-ventilating material can lead to overheating and airway obstruction.

Step 3
Use a fitted sheet to go over the flannel fitted sheet.

Step 4

Put a sheet in the bed.

Step 5

Put a blanket over the sheet and make sure you have a piece left at the top.

Step 6

Fold the top end of the sheet back across the blanket.

Make up the bed in a short and tight way. Make sure that your child’s feet are at the bottom end of the cot and that the bedding reaches no further than his shoulders. Tuck the sheet and the blanket in tightly at the sides and at the foot end.

Sleep well!

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