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Sailors Bay

Sailors Bay revolves around daily life in a little coastal village. Where the lighthouse guides the sailors safely into the harbor, fishing boats come in with their catch, and the sound of sea birds takes center stage. No two days are the same in Sailors Bay. There is so much to see and to discover. Think pelicans that scoop up fish, boats returning home after a long day at sea and hungry seagulls flying around everywhere. Our Sailors Bay collection comes with a harbor-inspired aesthetic. The theme’s main characters appear on a variety of both new and existing products. There’s a cheeky seagull called Jack, who is always looking for a new adventure and a good snack. He loves to soar over the seaside with his best friend Joe, the pelican. The theme is further captured through the use of quintessential nautical elements such as a life ring, a lighthouse, and some little boats. Sailors Bay is carried out across the entire product range of Little Dutch with an array of captivating items ranging from carpets and care products to soft sensory toys and pendants. The collection also consists of sustainable clothes, including baby bodysuits, pants, T-shirts and caps. For wet days, we have put together a small range of harbour-influenced rainwear.