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Meet the Little Dutch cuddle dolls!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Have you met the Little Dutch cuddle dolls yet? These soft dolls each love to cuddle and play. The five friends share a lot of adventures together and they can’t wait to join you in yours. Let us introduce them to you!


Jim is a real adventurer. He likes to go out and about with his friends, because his favourite thing to do is playing outside. When he comes home from another afternoon of exploring the neighbourhood, his clothes are always covered in mud. And in his pockets you will find all the treasures that he found that day. Beautiful leaves that have fluttered from the trees, shells from the beach and special stones in all kind of colours and shapes. He can't wait to show them to you! Are you ready to go on an adventure with Jim?

Rosa is the best hugger of the bunch and loves to dance. Play some music and she will proudly show you her pirouette. Her joyful laughter will echo through the entire house when she swirls around. After a day of school she loves to have a cup of tea with biscuits with her best friends. Will you join Rosa’s tea party?

Julia is a real dreamer full of creativity. At school she really enjoys writing, but she loves to draw even more. She makes the most beautiful crafts with all the colours of the rainbow. Her favourite colour is green as you can see by her cool dress. Because Julia is certainly a cool girl! She's not afraid to get her hands dirty. Can Julia come over to paint together? It might get a little messy.

Evi has endless imagination. That is why she loves to make up plays. Preferably together with her friends. Play-pretend to be mummy and daddy, or role playing to have a grocery shop, that’s what Evi loves best. She can be everything she dreams of. Sometimes she even plays a tough fire fighter and puts out all the fires in the street. Would you like to come and play with Evi?

Sophia is there for you when you need a friend. You can squeeze her hands when you get a little scared. And she gives you the best hugs just before going to sleep. Her cuddly monkey never leaves her side and his funny jokes will definitely put a smile on your face. Together you are strong! Will you take Sophia’s hand?

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