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Birth announcements

By Made for Moments

Warm, natural colours, twinkling gold foil, bohemian Wild Flowers and ofcourse Little Goose: the birth announcements collection by Made for Moments x Little Dutch has a card for everyone’s style and taste. The designers of the two brands teamed up to develop a unique set of cards that started with Little Dutch’s textile collections. Now you can enjoy life’s adventures with your little one in style.

Take a look at the exclusive Made for Moments x Little Dutch collections here.

The collaboration began by bringing together both the creativity and the expert knowledge offered by both brands. The designers wanted to create birth announcement cards that match Little Dutch’s versatile products. Little Dutch style. We welcome your creativity. Would you like your card to be a little bit different? No problem. All you need to do is choose one of the designs and adjust it using the Made for Moments handy editor tool.


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