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Wild Flowers

Non-Woven Wallpaper Wild Flowers Ochre

Wild Flowers

Non-Woven Wallpaper Wild Flowers Ochre

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The Wild Flowers wallpaper of Little Dutch creates a stunning wall in the nursery or children’s room.

A bohemian and artisan print that expresses the free and natural way the wild flowers grow. We have added a couple small bugs, such as bees and ladybugs, to keep the flowers company.

This wallpaper is printed on non-woven wallpaper, has a width of 53 centimeters and length of 10 meters.

The Wild Flowers wallpaper is available in the colours ochre, pink and rust. You can combine it easily with the different mat and pure colours of the Little Dutch paint collection.

The pattern match is 53 cm.

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This wallpaper is printed on high-grade non-woven backing. As a result, you won't need a pasting table. You can simply apply the glue to the wall and then directly apply the wallpaper. The non-woven wallpaper is easy to remove: you won't need a steamer, and it won't leave any residue.
Product dimensions 53 cm x 10 m
Material Paper/ cellulose polyester
Color Ochre
Collection Wild Flowers
Packaging contents 1 roll of 53 cm wide, 10 m long
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