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Tips from Little Dutch

7 ways to use a swaddle

Thursday, April 23, 2020

A swaddle, also called a muslin cloth, is an indispensable item with a baby around the house. No wonder it is a common item on layette lists. Swaddles are used for different purposes and our Little Dutch mothers really can’t imagine not having them at the ready.

1 – Swaddling
This is of course what the word swaddle comes from. It is the first goal we like to use the cloth for. If your baby is a restless sleeper, it may be a good idea to try swaddling your child. When swaddled, the baby’s limbs lie close to the body, which re-creates baby’s secure feeling inside the womb. He or she is no longer bothered by uncontrolled movements, which makes falling asleep a lot easier.

2 – Feeding cloth
Would you like to cover your baby while breastfeeding? Tuck a corner of the swaddle under your bra-strap and put the swaddle around your baby. This creates a calm and cosy environment for your little one. Muslin cloths have good air permeability, allowing you to cover your baby without any problems.

3 – Burp cloth
Place the cloth over your shoulder after a feed. Do we need to say more?

4 – Towel
A muslin cloth is wonderfully soft and very absorbent. After a relaxed bath, there is nothing more comfortable than to dry your baby with this cloth instead of a regular towel.

5 – Bed sheet
Cover the mattress with a muslin cloth and place it under your child’s head. This is very comfortable and requires fewer changes of the fitted sheet.

6 – Sun protection
Going out for a nice stroll? There’s nothing more annoying than the sun shining directly into the pram. This problem can be solved by placing a swaddle over the pram’s canopy. And there is another advantage: it reduces stimuli from the environment, which calms your baby down, encouraging him or her to fall asleep. The breathable qualities of the fabric prevent your baby from getting overheated.

Make sure you do leave an opening for fresh air to come in. Or tie the cloth to your handle.

7 – On the go
A hint from us at Little Dutch: make sure you always have a swaddle – or two – in your nappy bag when you go out. For hygienic purposes, we recommended to place a swaddle on top of the changing pad or nappy pouch when changing your baby in a public restroom. This also eliminates the fuss in case of a little accident.
Would you like to have your hands free? For this purpose, the muslin cloth is useful too: unfold a large swaddle on the floor and your baby has its own play area!

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